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Japan business tour
by Japanese consulting company

We have offered a lot of tours to learn and experience Japanese technology from a unique perspective as a consulting company.
For example, factory tours, TPS/lean tours, Construction tour, Student tour, Japan and China tour, corporate meeting tours, etc.

We have consultants with abundant experiences and have achieved improvements of various companies
mainly in the manufacturing industry around the world.
As well as solving corporates problems, we offer seminars to lecture Japanese technology and its know-how,
and the trainees are more than 10,000 cumulatively in 30 countries around the world.(as of December, 2023).

**TPS public tour dates**   You can participate even by yourself.

  • TPS training in Aichi // February 19 (Mon), 2024
  • TPS training in Aichi // April 15 (Mon), 2024
  • Example : TPS training in Aichi and Tokyo


    Experienced professional group

    You can learn directly from professionals who were active in various fields in Japan such as improvement activities cultivated by manufacturer, safe and secure high quality organic farming, and environmental measures overcoming high standards.

    Custom tours for your business

    JP-Expert supports you from the planning of incentive tours to the implementation. We can organize a tour arranging various requests of customers. For examples, I would like to talk with Japanese business owners. I want to visit both Chinese and Japanese companies, its itinerary includes sightseeing to enjoy Japanese culture. etc.

    Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company with a large number of achievements

    Since 2005, we have being gained high acclaim by introducing Japanese technology to customers all over the world. Also, by listing in 2015, we pridefully believe that we would be your trustworthy partner.

    JP Expert Learn Japanese culture & technology

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