Osaka, the largest city in western Japan.
The food culture that became the basis of Japanese cuisine flourish, and the birthplace of authentic Japanese cuisine such as shabu-shabu and kaiseki cuisine. Takoyaki and okonomiyaki are also popular.
Attractions such as downtown area such as Kita Minami, Osaka Castle, and unique power and humanistic culture are also attractive.
Kyoto’s Shinkansen is a 30-minute ride away, and many tourists visit it as a tourist base in western Japan.

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Agriculture & Food IndustryExhibitions & Seminars
Improvement of food factory in Osaka

This is a tour to learn about the improvement of food factory.

10 ~ 30
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Agriculture & Food Industry
Learning business strategies in organic agriculture and CSR in Osaka

You will learn through the case studies of CSR (corporate social responsibility)

10 ~ 40
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EnvironmentExhibitions & Seminars
Energy saving exhibition in Osaka

50 Years ago, Environmental measures for Pollution Control ?¨ Now, Environmental measures for Corporate Competitiveness

10 ~ 40
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EnvironmentExhibitions & Seminars
Learning energy rationalization by corporate (manufacturing, restaurants) & exhibition in Osaka

In Japan, business operators (companies, stores, factories) whose energy consumption exceeds 1,500 kl a year must be certified as a specific business operator under the energy conservation law.

10 ~ 40
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To lead corporate environmental measures to competitiveness and development in Osaka

For companies, environmental measures are costly issues and are usually not active in their efforts.

10 ~ 40
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Exhibitions & Seminars
Not to reduce the value of buildings – Learning measures for deterioration of buildings-

Prevented from deterioration of the building as much as possible, have a cleanliness appearance, and if the damage to the structure and equipment is small, the sale price would be high.

10 ~ 40
Starting from ¥ 12000

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