Aichi Prefecture where there is Toyota city famous for Toyota. It is located between Tokyo and Osaka, has a large international airport and a Shinkansen station, and is very convenient for transportation. And Aichi Prefecture is adjacent to 4 prefectures. (Mie, Gifu, Nagano, Shizuoka) For sightseeing, Toyota Motor's Museum, Atsuta Jingu Shrine, Tokugawa Art Museum, Nagoya Castle, and Inuyama Castle are popular.
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EnvironmentExhibitions & Seminars
Eenergy saving exhibition in Aichi

50 Years ago, Environmental measures for Pollution Control ?¨ Now, Environmental measures for Corporate Competitiveness

10 ~ 40
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Agriculture & Food IndustryExhibitions & Seminars
1Day tour to learn organic agriculture

You can learn the full-scale organic agriculture by high quality lecture with practical training and theory.

5 ~ 25
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Agriculture & Food Industry
Learning business strategies in organic agriculture and CSR

You will learn through the case studies of CSR (corporate social responsibility)

10 ~ 40
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To lead corporate environmental measures to competitiveness and development in Aichi

For companies, environmental measures are costly issues and are usually not active in their efforts.

10 ~ 40
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Culture & Education
Learning from Hida no Takumi. Master craftsmanship in Hida.

Hida-Takayama, in Gifu Prefecture, is where many tourists visit to see the old rural scenery of Japan such as Gassho-style construction and thatched roof.

8 ~ 25
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Exhibitions & SeminarsFishery
Seminar, fishery/aquaculture improvement project (FIP) in Oita

The FIP project is a project to improve the sustainability of the fishery.

10 ~ 35
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Exhibitions & Seminars
Not to reduce the value of buildings – Learning measures for deterioration of buildings-

Prevented from deterioration of the building as much as possible, have a cleanliness appearance, and if the damage to the structure and equipment is small, the sale price would be high.

10 ~ 40
Starting from ¥ 12000


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