Kagoshima prefecture located in the southern part of Kyushu. The symbol Sakurajima is an active volcano and you can see how it smokes.
There are also 100 hot spring resorts in Kagoshima prefecture, and the hot springs such as seaside sand steamed hot springs, the mythical Kirishima hot springs, and Hinatayama hot springs, which are hot springs, have various attractions.
In addition, you can see Japanese samurai culture such as samurai residences in Chiran and Japanese gardens in Shimazu.

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Construction industry
The dam tour in Kagoshima

Let's explore the inside of a giant dam in Kagoshima. Depart from your hotel. Includes lunch, pick-up, and interpreter. In the tour, you can learn about the history of construction, and advanced redevelopment technology.

6 ~ 25
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Agriculture & Food IndustryConstruction industry
The farm pond tour in Kagoshima

A tour of farm pond construction in Kagoshima Prefecture, which has one of the largest farm pounds in Japan, suffered crop damage due to uneven rainfall.

6 ~ 25
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Seminar Training
Seminar : Gas safety seminar in Kagoshima

We will introduce some gas accidents that have actually occurred, elucidate the cause, and establish countermeasures.

10 ~ 20
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Agriculture & Food IndustryExhibitions
1Day tour to learn organic agriculture in Kagoshima

You can learn the full-scale organic agriculture by high quality lecture with practical training and theory.

5 ~ 25
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Learning geothermal power generation using hot springs in Kagoshima

Geothermal power generation that the steam obtained from the ground directly generates electricity by turning a turbine. 。

10 ~ 40
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Agriculture & Food Industry
Learning business strategies in organic agriculture and CSR in Kagoshima

You will learn through the case studies of CSR (corporate social responsibility)

10 ~ 40
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To lead corporate environmental measures to competitiveness and development in Kagoshima

For companies, environmental measures are costly issues and are usually not active in their efforts.

10 ~ 40
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Culture & Education
Learn about environmental projects that schools, companies and society cooperate.

In Japan, there are many projects in which schools, companies and society cooperate to plan and carry out with the aim of developing human resources required for modern society, and there are also national and private organizations that support them.

8 ~ 25
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Good aquaculture practice method (GAP method) in Kagoshima (April – November)

Good Aquaculture Practice method (hereinafter referred to as "GAP method") is a set of management method

10 ~ 35
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Enjoy Yakushima tour with local guide!

Yakushima is an island of moss green, a botanical treasury plenty of forests from ancient times. This island is entitled the World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. Enjoy Yakushima field tour with our local guide!

6 ~ 20
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