Kyoto is a former capital city, famous for its refined culture, food, and the charm of the Japanese countrysideKyoto City is visited by millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year and is looking for traditional Japanese culture.
There are many tourist places such as Kiyomizudera and Kinkakuji, and you can experience various Japanese culture such as the experience of tea, the experience of Maiko, the experience of the petit monk, and so on.

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Lean / TPS (Kaizen)
November 2022, Let’s join the TPS/Lean training Tour in Japan

November 2022, we will hold the TPS training tour include training in TPS training center and visiting factory. Even one person can participate. The main route is Nagoya to Kyoto, If you would like to select the Tokyo to Tokyo route, we will prepare for you, so please contact us.

2 ~ 20
Starting from ¥ 250000
Construction industry
Visiting the water tunnel in Kyoto

It is a day tour of the learning the water tunnel in Kyoto. Depart from your hotel. Includes lunch, pick-up, and interpreter. Let's learn about Japan's technology.

6 ~ 25
Starting from ¥ 10000
Agriculture & Food Industry
Visit to the japanese tea garden

This is a private tour to learn about soil, cultivation methods, and tastes in a Japanese tea plantation.

8 ~ 30
Ask for Price
Agriculture & Food IndustryExhibitions
Improvement of food factory in Kyoto

This is a tour to learn about the improvement of food factory.

10 ~ 30
Ask for Price
Agriculture & Food IndustryExhibitions
1Day tour to learn organic agriculture in Kyoto

You can learn the full-scale organic agriculture by high quality lecture with practical training and theory.

5 ~ 25
Ask for Price
Not to reduce the value of buildings – Learning measures for deterioration of buildings-

Prevented from deterioration of the building as much as possible, have a cleanliness appearance, and if the damage to the structure and equipment is small, the sale price would be high.

10 ~ 40
Starting from ¥ 40000

JP Expert Learn Japanese culture & technology