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Top 5 Japan incentive tour destinations in Japan

Where is the recommended destination for incentive tour in Japan?
Top 5 Japan incentive tour destinations in Japan.

1.Yakushima island tour
Yakushima is a place where power is common, and where you can't go even if you want to go.
A delicious meal and artistic nature.
There is no reason not to go to Yakushima.
Recommended tour : Enjoy Yakushima tour with local guide!

2.Okinawa tour
An impressive Okinawan song.
The blue of the sea and the vermilion of the building.
There are many tourist spots to see, such as Shuri Castle and Limestone Cave,
and you can visit companies that live with nature.
Recommended tour : Measures against global warming and ocean acidification on fisheries, in Okinawa

3.Hokkaido tour
Lavender that blooms from the middle of June is popular,
but you can enjoy the beautiful nature of Hokkaido all year round.
And Hokkaido has many excellent factories in Japan, such as food and automobiles,
and Hokkaido is the best place for an inspection trip.
Recommended tour : Improvement of food factory in Hokkaido

4.Beppu spa
Steam from every corner of the town may be your first experience.
There are companies that make good use of geothermal power generation
and advanced companies that employ people with disabilities,
so you can enjoy both sightseeing and inspection.
Recommended tour:Pre-symptomatic medical examination and Beppu onsen

5.Niigata and Tochigi
Toshigi Prefecture's Ashikaga Flower Park was the only place in Japan
that was chosen by the CNN travel staff as the 10 dream destinations of the world in 2014.
The reason is the wisteria flowers that bloom from mid-April to mid-May.
If you want to visit the mold town of Tsubamesanjo, Niigata Prefecture and the 5S town Ashikaga,
mid-April to mid-May is recommended!
Recommended tour:Molds Tsubame-sanjo and 5S Ashikaga

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