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Review : TPS training tour in December 2019

Country: China

Industry: Manufacturing

Number of people: 41 (Tours are divided into 20 people and 21 people)

Destination: Nagoya, Toyota, Kyoto, Shiga, Osaka

Period: 6days

1day : Arrive at Nagoya.
2day : TPS training center.
3day : Visit 2 factories
4day : Visit 2 factories
5day : Visit 1 company and Sightseeing in Kyoto
6day : Return day

Contents: TPS training center, factory tour (Toyota supplier factory and other factories that are good examples of improvement activities and human resource development), market research.

Objective: Last year the president of the company participated. He wanted to share the contents of the TPS tour with executives, and organized an employee training tour to develop the company.

Review: Thank you very much teachers, interpreters and guides. We were impressed by the Japanese way of thinking. The Japanese managers and companies we met were friendly and excited to share their experiences and knowlege.

※Currently recruiting participants.
TPS training tour in Aich// April 2020

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