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How about you ? The TPS Japan in winter!!

Thank you for coming to Japan!!

In Japan, The winter came and it's getting colder.
So even in the Tokaido area where TPS dojo is located, you can see glimpses of snow.
Cherry blossom season is good, but visiting in winter is also quite nice!!

Let's ask some questions to customers who visited Japan in winter!

Q1: What prompted you to participate in the study tour and what was your objective?

Our objectives were to see tps in action and benchmark the same with our country

Q2: What are your thoughts on participating in the study tour?

The tour was planned very meticulous and focusing on each aspect of Tps and it's learning

Q3: What are your thoughts on experiencing Japanese-style rooms and Japanese cuisine?

Japanese traditional homes and it's cuisine focus freshness and variety in each set in traditional home gives us good understanding of culture and way of li

Q4: Are you glad you participated? If so, why?

Yes I'm glad to be part of this group.the highlight was the snow we experienced which was very unique and factory selection was great.We are already planning for next visit

▼February 19 (Mon), 2024

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