Kaizen training tour from Tokyo to Toyota-city in Aichi


    A training tour to understand the points to Kaizen in your factory

    We offer seminars, on-site Kaizen training and companies/factories visits where you can check the structure and management of the Toyota Production System.

    About TPS training center

  • Our TPS Training Center was established under the guidance of the Toyota Motor Training Center Director.
  • Training by Consultants with a Toyota Motors Background.
  • To Study the Background and Structure of Toyota Production System.
  • Will actually experience the operations and observe the output at a Radiator Assembly Line.
    About TOYOTA
    Japan’s leading car manufacturer, Toyota, has its headquarters and many of its domestic production plants in the region around Nagoya. The company’s headquarters are located in the city of Toyota, less than one hour east of central Nagoya.
    Lean and TPS
    The lean production method was born from TPS, so TPS and Lean are almost the same, but please understand the difference in historical background and consider the introduction method that suits your company.
    TPS – Do you really understand what is waste? –
    The basic philosophy of TPS(Toyota production system) is the reduce the manufacturing costs by removing complete all unnecessary (waste).

    There are below two basic ideas.

    1) jidoka
    “jidoka” is not just automation.
    “jidoka” (which can be loosely translated as “automation with a human touch”), as when a problem occurs, the equipment stops immediately, preventing defective products from being produced.
    Avoid making defective products, rather than finding defective products by inspection.

    2) Just-in-Time
    Making only “what is needed, when it is needed, and in the amount needed”
    Just-in-Time is a production method that responds to diversifying consumer needs. Even in small-lot production of many kinds, work in process can be eliminated, and production can be performed with less cost and in shorter time.

    Etymology of Just-in-time
    A word from Toyota Motor’s founder Kiichiro Toyoda: “Car parts are best collected just in time.”


About factory interpretation
We provide interpreters with knowledge of factory Kaizen.

Recommended for people like this
  • Those who would like to meet with Japanese colleagues, learn from their knowledge and experience and to establish a friendly and productive relationships for a future cooperation.
  • Those who wish to visit the factory and company and sightseeing
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      ※ If the number of people in the hotel room or the room type changes due to a reduction in the number of participants, additional charges will be required.

    Person in charge
    Miki Shimizu

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    location of Tokyo


    Tokyo is the center of business and culture in Japan. It is also the center where Japanese people interact with people from all over the world.
    And you can enjoy a variety of Japanese culture, Tokyo is a huge city, but rich nature is one of its attractions. Specially in spring, cherry blossoms color the city.
    Tokyo has easy access to all. So you can easily take a day trip to the countryside. (By the Shinkansen, airplanes and long-distance buses)


    The consultant's seminar was good!
    Food processing plant
    Singapore 8 people

    am interested in recycling industrial waste personally and participated in the seminar tour.
    The industry is different, but I was surprised to see the recycling factory.
    Not only that technology but also management that leads to raising the problem was wonderful.

    I was able to know Japanese environmental technology.
    Manufacturing industry
    Vietnam 20 people

    In order to reform our factory with the aim to create an environmentally conscious factory,
    I visited a Japanese company for our reference.

    I really wanted to see real improvements.
    Valve manufacturing
    india 6 people

    Having great teachers teach us about TPS was a amazing experience. Thank you very much. Having been trained at the TPS training center, we gained more knowledge than we had imagined during the factory tours of Toyota and its suppliers.

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    If you are in a hurry, please call us. +81 03-5783-3571 Open 08:30 - 17:30
    Except for Saturday, Sunday, holidays, Year-End and New-Year holidays


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