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Exhibition Information : Construction Technology 2020 in Tokyo

Title : Construction Technology 2020
Dates : October 14 (Wed)- October 16 (Fri), 2020
Venue : Tokyo Big Site, Japan
Contents : Civil engineering, Architecture related, General construction
Visitor : 75890 visitors (2019 results)
Exhibitor 2019 :, Carta, CLUE, DATTJAPAN, Dropbox Japan, EMO, FARO Japan, Fuji Electronics, Fuji Technical Research, ICONYAMATO, Informatix, Inovative Technology Lab, International Creative Research & Development, I-O DATA DEVICE, iXs, JCC SOFT, JUST, Kajima, KB-eye, Linough, M,Soft, MAEDA, MEGASOFT, MetaMoJi, O.K.E.SERVICE, Photoruction, REDSATCK JAPAN, Regolith, RESITECT Industry Association, SAKAEGUMI, SEIBIDOU, Taskmaster, The Society for Pressure Adjustment Grouting Technology, TRIART, Unity Technologies Japan, Web I, Laboratories, ZENRIN

"Construction Technology 2020 " is a largest technology exhibition in Asia. Its theme is computerization and introduction of IT on construction industry.

The construction industry has been pushing the productivity in recent years.
And "Work style reforms" are also being promoted due to a shortage of human resources. (Decreasing birthrates and an aging population is a very serious issue in Japan.) This exhibition gathers various technologies to solve these problems.

  • BIM(Building Information Modeling)
  • take advantage of drone and robots
  • CIM(Construction Information Modeling)
  • Building energy management
  • Technologies to improve productivity
  • "work style reform"
  • ※"Work style reforms" : Decreasing labor population in the aging society in Japan.

    Japanese earthquake-resistant technology

    In Japan, the Building Standards Law has been strictly reviewed every time a large earthquake occurred in the past. Therefore, it is said that the collapse rate of Japanese buildings when hit by a large earthquake is extremely low compared to other countries.

    Construction method for protecting buildings

    Earthquake-resistance < Vibration control < Base isolation system

    base isolation sysytem

    In Japan, where there are many earthquakes, it has been reported that the performance of base isolation is higher than the other two for each major earthquake. (Although the cost of seismic isolation will of course be higher) Today, more than 4100 base isolation sysytem buildings have been constructed.

    Representative base isolation building

    The National Art Center The National Art Center The National Art Cener
    Location : Roppongi, Tokyo
    Construction year : 2006
    Designer : Kisho Kurokawa
    Suitengu Suitengu Suitengu
    Location : Ningyocho, Tokyo
    Construction year : 2016
    Designer : Takenaka Corporate
    Tokyo station Tokyo Statiton Tokyo Station
    Location : Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    Construction year : 2012
    Designer : East Japan Railway Company,etc.

    Concrete production in Japan

    Japan is blessed with mines that produce high quality limestone, and the raw materials for cement production are 100% domestic.
    Quality of concrete tend to depending on the method of construction and management.
    Carefully made concrete can exhibit excellent durability, but if you make a mistake in the method, it will be inferior.

    New concrete : “Eien” product life is 10,000 years
    "Eien" is a precast concrete jointly developed by KAJIMA CORPORATION with other companies.
    “EIEN” is made by mixing special materials with concrete. The surface of Eien reacted with carbonate ions is very smooth. This smooth surface prevents groundwater and salt penetration. And it improves the durability of concrete.
    (The concrete of ancient Rome existed now are believed to have been healthy for thousands of years because of their chemical stability through carbonation. "EIEN" is a technology that reflects the results of ancient concrete surveys in modern cutting-edge concrete technology.)

    "Shell-type bench" = 3D printer x concrete
    In December 2019, OBAYASHI CORPORATION completed a huge shell-type bench using cement-based materials with a 3D printer. The design of the shell-type bench takes advantage of the features of the 3D printer and incorporates curved surfaces and hollows. And approximately 50% lighter by topology optimization. (Size : 7m wide, 5m deep, 2.5m high)

    Shell-type benchShell-type-benchShell-type-bench

    "Zero Shrink" = Concrete with a Superior Appearance
    The causes of concrete cracks and water leakage is its property of shrinkage as it dries after hardening.
    Zero Shrin developed by SHIMIZU CORPORATION is a type of concrete with an ultra-low degree of shrinkage that reduces net shrinkage to zero.
    Zero Shrink not only prevents shrinkage when drying to the extent possible, it makes up for the minimal unavoidable shrinkage in advance by the initial expansionary effect of an expansive additive.

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