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Visit a Makinohara tea plantation and the tea factory

Date : January 2020
Destination : Akahori Tea Plantation in Makinohara city (Shizuoka Prefecture)
Purpose : Study about Japanese tea and its material

In January 2020, executives from global company came to Japan. Their purpose is to learn the ideas of improvement, such as TPS, as well as Japanese culture and spiritual thought.

This is a report on a visit to a tea plantation in Makinohara City, Shizuoka.

We arrived at Makinohara at around 10:00. Makinohara Plateau is famous as the largest tea plantation in Japan, product the high quality tea leaves.


We visited Akahori Tea Plantation in Makinohara City, founded in 1935.
When we arrive at, Mr.Akahori,of Akahori tea plantation was waiting for us and He explained the history of tea in Makinohara City. Akahori family has run an ancestral tea plantation. They use the organic matter fertilizer maked by selves, create good soil, creating an environment friendly to the fields.

japanese tea

Makinohara in Shizuoka prefecture has one of the largest tea plantations with its rich nature at a great location. The tea area on the Makinohara Plateau is about 5,000 ha (12,500 acres). 150 years ago, the samurai began planting tea on this Makinohara plateau, which was the beginning of this large tea garden. The climate here is warm with the average temperature of 17 ℃ and very rare chance of snow during the winter season.

Mikinohara tea plantation

It was raining unfortunately on this day, but we were very happy with the warm reception by everybody of Akahori tea plantation. we were grateful for everybody of the Akahori tea plantation kindness.

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