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Japan’s Basic policy to coronavirus outbreak, and holding the exhibition

"Slow down the pace of increase in the number of infected people"

Today, The Japan government adopts basic policy to fight spread of coronavirus outbreak, and announced about the actions to be taken by the japanese people.

  • In the case of a serious illness - Treatment in hospital
  • In the case of a mild illness - Treatment at home (Hospitals are one of the places where infection is easy to spread)
  • Has not requested to cancel the event
  • Request to consider stopping the event in the area where the infection has spread.
  • Companies must be devise such as remote work
  • Even people with no symptoms should avoid going to an environment such as a dinner or drinking party as much as possible.
  • Example of an exhibition that was decided to be canceled
    Unfortunately, Exhibitions are being canceled one after another.

  • SeaJapan2020 / March
  • Nikkei Messe / March
  • The Japan International Boat Show 2020 / March
  • Japan Kenzai Fair / March
  • FOODEX JAPAN 2020 / March
  • See Japan 2020 / March
  • Japan Shop 2020 / March
  • AnimeJapan 2020 / March
  • Coronavirus infection control at exhibitions to be held
    This is an example of infection control at an exhibition that has been decided to be held.

  • Recommend hand washing to participants
  • Installation of alcohol disinfectant
  • Installation of thermography
  • Ask people with cold-like symptoms not to participate

  • List of exhibition information in Japan

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