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About cancellation of the ASAHIKAWA DESIGN WEEK 2020

    Just like other events,
    "ASAHIKAWA DESIGN WEEK 2020" is cancelled, and "IFDA Exhibition of winning and selected works from the design competition” has been postponed due to the COVID-19.
    Notice of the cancelation this special exhibition is very disappointing.
    We look forward to visiting next year at this event where we can learn and experience Asahikawa Furniture, which is packed with Japanese technology and spirit.

    “Asahikawa Design Week 2021”

    Dates : June 16 to 20th, 2021
    Venue : ASAHIKAWA DESIGN CENTER in Hokkaido
    Contents : 1) Asahikawa Furniture Exhibition
                      2) “IFDA Exhibition of winning and selected works from the design competition”
                      3) Visit Factory

Let's go to the amazing furniture tour

JP-EXPERT is holding a study tour to visit the owners and factories of Asahikawa Furniture. You can learn about the spirit of Japanese manufacturing and the improvement activities of furniture factories.
ASAHIKAWA DESIGN WEEK TOUR2020 : Kaizen ideas for wooden furniture and exhibition in Hokkaido
※ We are not currently accepting this tour.
※ We are not accepting all study tours because it is COVID-19.

Characteristics of study tour

  • Meet the management!
  • Visit the factory
  • With improvement text
  • Including : Interpreter, accommodation, meals, and transportation

    Pictures - Asahikawa Study Tour 2019 -

    During the study tour, you will also enjoy the beautiful nature and food of Hokkaido.
    June in Japan is usually stuffy and hot, but June in Hokkaido is the best time for a comfortable trip.

    Access to Asahikawa city in Hokkaido

  • Nearest airport : Asahikawa Airport
  • Approximately 40 minutes by train from New Chitose Airport Station to Sapporo Station
  • About 1 hour 30 minutes by limited express train from Sapporo Station to Asahikawa Station
  • JP Expert Learn Japanese culture & technology